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4 Destinations in Europe Are Suitable for School Holiday


When the budget is sufficient, traveling to Europe during the school holidays to be an exciting experience for the whole family. A number of countries in Europe offer a variety of exciting destinations for school children.

4 Destinations in Europe Are Suitable for School Holiday

Europe is rich in culture with various types of tourist destinations, also has a number of points that are suitable for children who are off school. Moreover, in the Indonesian school holidays coincide with the summer holidays in the whole school in Europe.

Where we have to go to Europe? Netherlands, Britain, France, and Germany apparently was the most many families appear when looking hotel and flight information.

Not surprisingly, 4 This is the most attractive country for tourists. Even for the school holidays, there are some favorite destinations in each country are certainly many, especially the children attended school. We have collected the following destinations:

1. Netherlands

Dutch historical linkages may make the most attractive. Amsterdam became a city tourist favorite. Typical Dutch canals are beautiful, Van Gogh museum, Museumplein square with a monument bearing the I Amsterdam’s famous waxwork museum Madame Tussauds is a favorite spot in Amsterdam. Red Light District is certainly an exception for a family vacation.

Little outside Amsterdam, there Volendam with views of waterfront homes colorful and exciting. Looking at a typical Dutch windmill, so certainly a worthwhile experience for the kids. Just come to the area on the edge of Rotterdam Kinderlijk which is a protected site by UNESCO.

2. England

After the Netherlands, the two nations Indonesian tourist favorite for school holidays in England. The main town for the holidays of course London. Many exciting destinations for holidays in the city school.

While down the Thames, there is London Bridge, Big Ben, and the Clock. Encourage your child to ride the London Eye Ferris wheel as high as 135 meters. For one lap for 30 minutes, it could be a valuable experience for them.

In addition to Madame Tussauds waxwork museum, there is also nasty Tate Modern art with a variety of unique collections, including a slide down the ladder. The kids would love. If they like animals, then the London Aquarium is the right choice during school holidays later.

3. France

A romantic city for adults, it could be fun for school children. France was third in the European countries according to Skyscanner favorite tourist options. Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Katerdal Louvre Museum can be an educational place, as well as exciting for the school holidays.

But if you want to entertain the kids during the school holidays to France, Disneyland Paris invite all who are outside the City of Paris. The little guy is certainly happy to see a variety of cartoon characters from Disneyland. Do not forget also the Palace of Versailles in Paris suburb

Want a different adventure, just come to Normandy. There is no Chateau de Lez-Eaux, where camper with lots of swimming pools inside and outside the room, outbound and tree house. Oh yeah, this location is in an area of the 200-year-old castle. Around this place, there is also a tourist destination Mont St Michel, an island with a monastery and ancient buildings.

4. Germany

Germany was fourth in a lot of European countries sought information for family vacations in Indonesia, according to Skyscanner. There are many things that can be offered in Germany for school holidays.

Berlin has many historical attractions of World War II. The fact that the Berlin Wall like chewing gum plastered by tourists, perhaps your child would like to try. Zoologischer Garten Berlin also has one of the best zoos in Europe.

In Berlin, there is also a statue of Living Madame Tussauds museum. For fans of Lego, there Legoland Discovery Center, an indoor amusement park themed Lego. As for the outdoor amusement park, Lego Legoland Deutschland in Gunzburg has.

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