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Greece for a Romantic Holiday


When it comes to a romantic holiday, you will find no better destination than Greece that offers the perfect backdrop to revive the feeling and passion of love in your life.

Greece for a Romantic Holiday

Greece – A love worshipping nation

Having a great historic significance, the Greeks whole-heartedly worship Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. The soul of all her powers lies in the ability to provoke desires. She holds great sway in the realms of marriage, fertility, sex, civic order, sailing, and even war. In fact, her capability of creating union and harmony became the base of a strong belief for the Greeks.

Both males, as well as female devotees, pay their tributes to this powerful Goddess. This is the reason why the country is popular as a love worshipping nation. Thus, with so much love blessed in its surrounding, it becomes an ideal destination for romantic trips.

Top romantic destinations in Greece

The question of where to go in Greece is obvious to occur in your mind, especially when you are on an adoring trip. Here are some of the major romantic destinations of Greece that you should not miss out in your itinerary –

Santorini: The picturesque scenario of Santorini Island create a perfect scenario for you and your beloved. Imagine yourself sitting beside your love and experience the beautiful sunset. It will definitely create an experience of butterflies flying within your stomach. Proposing your partner with the sunset in candlelight on this island is surely an excellent approach to get a yes from her. Every year, Santorini receives the award of being World’s most romantic destination.

Halkidiki: Another prolific destination that gives you so many reasons for a romantic date is Halkidiki. Its emerald water compels most of the couples to spend quality time with each other. Sailing through its water with a basket full of gourmet snacks, ripe fruits, and wine will do everything to redefine love between you both. Hire your own boat and declare your love for her in the midst of the sea.

Mykonos: A sophisticated yet most lovable destination by couples, Mykonos to opens a great opportunity for you to sail its islands and discover their remarkable beauty. You can renew your marriage vows as well as wishes in the pious waters of the sea to make this vacation the most memorable event of your life.

The Cyclades: Chartering a private sailboat or yacht to enjoy a dreamy tour of the Cyclades with your love can also create lifetime experience for you. In fact, you can also prefer to wander around the labyrinth streets of the city that houses some of the most exclusive boutiques and restaurant-bars for your entertainment.

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