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What to Eat in Malaysia?


Malaysia is the country of diverse and rich cuisine. The foods in this country have diverse composition and unique processing techniques. Following are some suggestions of food for those planning to travel to Malaysia.
Nasi Lemak

What to Eat in Malaysia?
If you definitely have to try a dish when you come here, it must be Nasi Lemak. This is a famous traditional cuisine and is very popular in Malaysia. Nasi Lemak is cooked in many different ways but the basic components of the dish are rice cooked with coconut milk, chili sambal government. Furthermore, this dish can be served with boiled eggs, Malaysian curry, fried eggs and sambal Sotong (squid spicy curry sauce).

Ikan Bakar

According to the Malaysian Language, “Ikan” means fish, and “Bakar” is grilled fish. Ikan Bakar is a spicy grilled fish unique people here. Fresh fish has soaked in a lot of chutney; banana leaves lined the bottom and grilled over charcoal. Fish cooked to have a distinct aroma, served with hot rice, sometimes with added vegetables and curry dishes, dotted with soy sauce.

The food served on banana leaves

The “banana leaf” restaurant in Malaysia often serves the main dish originating from south India. Instead of using a fork, they use banana leaves to store food and do not take long to show a large portion of rice with curry around. Usually, people use banana leaves to serve vegetarian dishes, but if you prefer, you can ask for more meat in curry. Another interesting point when eating this dish is that you have to use your hands instead of utensils needed.

Curry laksa and Assam Alaska

An Alaska noodle soup will surprise you. Malaysia has two common types of Alaska, curry Laska, and Assam Laska. Assam laksa is a noodle dish with brown water fish stew, surry Laska is special with the delicious curry noodles mixed with coconut milk. The composition of the dish depends on the local where you’re in. however the most popular is still the sauce with seafood, chicken and many vegetables.

Roti canai

Roti is a type of fried bread and in Malaysia, roti canai dish is a thin piece of dough fried in oil and used in conjunction with curry dipping sauce. It is inlaid dough into thin pieces then put pieces of a square with multiple layers and crispy.

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