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Stepping on the Beauty of Asia in Burma


No more fear and worry the first time I set foot in the city of Bagan, Burma-the land that is now the country of Myanmar. There is no pomp typical modern country there, everything feels like new still squirming.

Stepping on the Beauty of Asia in Burma

Both women and men wore cloth fro typical so-called longyi. Young and old, face dibalur with traditional cold powder, betel chewing.

The scarcity of cars and city buses make local society rely on bicycles as a means of personal transportation, or walk away if it is not too far away.

Of all the sights, invisible awesomeness and fear related media reported that many religious and ethnic conflict there.
Instead, the people of Myanmar are friendly and honest.

Taxi drivers for example. For me, the taxi driver in the city is classified as the most honest driver I have ever met. They meant it to find the address we were looking for. He did not hesitate to get down from the car and asked if lost. And, most importantly, they do not dare to cheat the price for the tourists.

“Just put the bike on the side of the road, safe. You can find it again tomorrow, “said one of the hotel staff in Bagan moment for me to lend his bike around town.

Sure enough, a lot of tourists who left his bike on the sidewalk, while enjoying the pagodas or temples in Bagan region. Their bikes were not lost even without a key.

The majority of the people of Myanmar who embraced Buddhism will think a thousand times to do an evil neighbor.
Do not be fooled they look jet-skinned, sinister, with a smiling face that difficult. Because generally, they are very open and happy to help the tourists who are considered as guests.

Where to Myanmar?

The main destination for tourists to enjoy the beauty of Myanmar is building with layers of golden pagodas. Shwe Da Gon Paya, the biggest pagoda, located in the city of Yangon.

Based on existing literature, Shwe Da Gon Paya built in honor of Gautama Buddha and is the oldest and largest pagoda in the world.

The pagoda is considered sacred by Buddhists and used as the main place of worship. At various angles Pagoda seen people who pray fervently. However, at some angles looks travelers also just sit and chat.

In this place, the tourists have to abide by common rules applied in this kind of tourist sites. For example, loose sandals/shoes, well-dressed and polite, well behaved and no fuss. If clothing is considered indecent, the officer will usually lend long cloth or gloves.

Shwe Da Gon Paya has four main entrances. The tourists usually go through the south door. Besides many taxis that hung on the door is also available footwear care facilities, restrooms, and elevators. Tourists also do not have to use the stairs to the top of the pagoda.

Entry ticket price 5 dollars or 5,000 Kyat. However, this price only applies to tourists, because the local community can be in and out of this place without paying.

The temples in Bagan

In addition to Yangon, Bagan is an interesting city in Myanmar. Looks temples along the main road. No wonder, if the city is often referred to as the city of a thousand temples. Start small to large temples lined up there.

The uniqueness of the temples in Bagan is the color of the building, there are brown (like bricks) and there are white.
Like other tourist cities, the cost of living is very expensive Bagan in Myanmar compared with other cities.

The usual tourist renting a horse carriage or wagon to travel around town visiting various temples or the cheapest way is to rent a bike. However, be careful of the vendors of souvenirs, as they can be very pushy tourists to buy his wares.

The tips are not touching or asking about their merchandise when it is not interested in buying. When offered just say, “No, thank you”, or just wave. That way, the traders will politely away.

Inle Lake

One more city to be missed is Inle Lake. In this small town, we can rent a boat down the river with wood to Lake Inle. There usual touristy floating market and enjoy the pagoda on the river.

Not only the landscape, here the tourists can feel the local atmosphere while mingling with the public. A favorite of tourists, particularly photographers, is at sunset between 4 pm to 7 pm.

From all that experience, I feel that Myanmar is a country not to be missed. In this country will be found “Asian soul” that may have become virtually extinct in other countries. So, do not ever be afraid of Myanmar.

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