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Tips for Safe Vacation to Europe


Long walk to Europe is certainly interesting. However, when it comes to having a travel scam or cheated, of course, a vacation can be a very disturbed mood. These five tips to avoid it.

Tips for Safe Vacation to Europe

1. Be careful to use a taxi!

Do not let your money “extorted” the taxi driver. Remember always to ask local residents if a taxi in the city can be trusted and how much the standard. Record the name of the driver, taxi companies and taxi plates. Of course, you do not want to be carried around is not clear when the meter prices continue to rise.

2. Stay away from sudden photo opportunities.

Not a few that offer photo opportunities together, usually with a unique costume. Be careful! after picture taken, they will ask for money and be very angry if you refuse to give. Do not ever hesitate to say no.

3. Beware of friendship bracelets and flowers.

When the author visited Italy, especially in Milan and Rome, many Africans who offer friendship bracelets and roses.
They will try draping the bracelet to your wrist as a gift.

Stay away from them and secure your arms. If the bracelet is attached and interest has been received, you will be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

4. Do not sign the petition.

Will often ask to sign the petition, especially in Paris. A petition generally asks for support charity activities. Do not carve your ink!

When you put a signature, they will ask for money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just say no to them. Do not be touched if a small child or a petition to give pregnant women. They generally have conspired to defraud.

5. Remember the “magic bag”.

Pickpocket to watch. It would be better to put a small nominal wallet. Nominal large, valuables and important cards such as ATM cards and passports should be stored in the “magic bag” that can be tied around your belly. Keep the bag that does not look too obvious.

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