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Top 10 mistakes first-timers make in the City of Light


Top 10 mistakes first-timers make in the City of Light

1. A mistake in fashion.

The visitors wearing shorts in Paris even on a sunny morning can be seen as a hapless tourist and be said ça ne se fait pas which mean “it simply isn’t done”.


They should also leave their gleaming white running shoes. The Parisians do not like to dress as they are going to Mount Everest. So it is advised that the travelers should do as the Parisians do. Furthermore, Paris is the world’s fashion capital so the visitors should not overcome it.

2. Don’t Shop on the Champs-Elysées

The Champs-Elysées may once have been the most beautiful avenue in the world. However, it sees the fortune up and down regularly. The currency there overrun with global chain stores and movies multiplexes.


Aside from the über-glam Vuitton flagship, which draws label addicts in droves, you’ll find yourself dodging throngs of teens as you trudge past McDonald’s and Sephora, wondering what in God’s name all the fuss is about.

3. Don’t search Bohemian Ambience on the Left Bank

Les Deux Magots on the Boulevard St. Germain is a favorite place for Satre and da Beauvior. However,


Visitors will check to jowl with tourist than eavesdropping in philosophers. $16 buttered toast and orange juice is the fee for delivering a tirade on the immorality.

4. Don’t limit yourself to the Grands Magasins

PARIS – JULY 8: Galeries Lafayette interior in Paris. 15 Things Not to Do in Paris; Downloader: Fodor’s Travel

The visitors can find everything at these historic department stores and they can enjoy the impersonal service and crowded spaces.


The shopping center and enclaves with unique boutiques and treasures. The most famous and plentiful is Marais, the Golden Triangle and the Rue Saint- Honore

5. Don’t Get Around Town in a Cab

The taxi must be called in advance because it is hard to come by.


The traffic in Paris is not suitable for cabbing. The narrow one-way street will trap the cab with Buzzkill.

6. Don’t avoid the métro

The metro in Paris is clean, safe and convenient for users to get around.

PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 14 2014: Paris Metro is one of the largest underground systems in the world in Paris, July 14, 2014; Shutterstock ID 237637246; Project/Title: 15 Things Not to Do in Paris; Downloader: Fodor’s Travel

Paris now has many automated metro stations so the users only have cask to buy tickets at any booth.

7. Don’t Get Starstruck at Mealtimes

With 66 Michelin-starred restaurants, Paris is considered to be the foodie’s paradise. However, the high prices and pomp and circumstance will be a big deal for travelers.


The travelers should think twice about the huge amount of money for the meal with a dozen waiters.

8. Don’t be afraid to eat like a Parisian

The food as confit de canard or tender lapin is worth to give a try. For the vegetarians, fraises des boys will be the right choice for the balance in nutrition and money.


The cheese in French or Paris is worth to eat because it is not too fattening.

9. Don’t Fill Up on Croissants


The un-famous and easily accessible confections should not be denied by travelers. They are tasty and impressive.

10. Don’t Buy Into Stereotypes

The Parisians are more likely not to open and break into wide as the Americans do. But the stereotypes for the people there is not exact.


The Parisians do not offer help but they do in reality.

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