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Croatia’s Top 5 Most Unique Travel Experiences


If you have already visited all the tourist attractions in Croatia and looking for something new to experience, then this list is for you. Here are the top 5 most unique places or activities you can do in Croatia.

Croatia’s Top 5 Most Unique Travel Experiences

Saintly Mummies

Situated in the north of the Istrian city of Pula, a Baroque church, St. Blaise is the main attraction of the town. Here, you will be guided into a room behind the church’s main altar to see the remains of 6 long-dead Catholic saints, brought here from Italy for wartime safekeeping nearly 2 centuries ago.

Wine tasting in a cave under the airport

Lying under the runway of Dubrovnik’s international airport, the nearly 100,000-square-foot cave called Đurović Cave contains a naturally-chilled wine cellar. With a selection of great wines from Croatia’s nearby Konavle region, you will have a chance to taste extraordinary good wine.

Sniff Out Truffles

Croatia’s northwesternmost area of Istria is understood for its radiant truffles, and no spot here is more celebrated for them than the beguiling ridge town of Buzet – which in reality calls itself the City of Truffles. Each November, Buzet has the awesome Truffles Weekend celebration, which says nothing of the huge 2,000-egg truffle-topped omelet that gets cooked off here each September to stamp the start of the territory’s Truffle Days.

Literally listening to the sea

Waves coming in from the ocean make distinctive tones, which develop mystically through tactful openings in the stairs. The Sea Organ makes strangely excellent tunes that are never the same twice, making strolling along the strides a congruous joy dissimilar to whatever other on the planet. The instrument earned Croatian designer Nikola Bašić the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2006.

Staying at a 5-star Lighthouse

Opened in the late spring of 2012 after a broad redesign, Villa Lanterna on Croatia’s mid-seaside island of Vir is one of around 45 remaining lighthouses in Croatia and the most recent of a modest bunch that has been changed over into manors to oblige overnight visitors. In spite of the fact that its lighthouse days go back over 130 years, Villa Lanterna’s redesign has changed it into a tastefully cutting edge 5-star, 4-room property, situated in a serene spot close to a pine backwoods and a dazzling shoreline, yet helpfully arranged only 5 miles from the town of Vir.

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