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Traveling Alone, Who’s Afraid!


The fear alone is very reasonable, especially women. Let alone in a new and unfamiliar place, in our own neighborhood alone should remain vigilant against crime. But all can be overcome with proper preparation.

Traveling Alone, Who’s Afraid!

Crime sometimes results from our own actions. We’re going to look foolish when minimal info and do not know anything about where we are. If it looks stupid, evil will easily occur.

Check out some tips if you decide traveling alone.

1. Research as much as possible about the destination.
Research and dig the info from the internet, books, including the sharing of experiences from friends who had been to the same place. Record all of this information so as not to forget. Some important things to be researched:

a. Place name, full address, and the price of admission if any.

b. Way to the destination such as a number of bus, rail, transportation, floor plans/maps, and others.

c. Contact phone or email address of the destination. Who knows need to contact them while on the go.

2. In addition to research about the place, it is important also research about the rule or order of the destination and local culture. For example, the general rule enters into religious tourism is covered and decently dressed. Make sure the clothes we carry are suitable clothing, not clothing to beach tourism.

3. Arrange the schedule as detailed as possible, from departure to return. This helps us to determine the next destination on the trip.

4. The weather at the destination-related clothing and equipment that we will take.
Do not get a saltum or wrong costume. Eg winter to Europe but just take shirts trousers, his jacket was supposed special winter jacket. not for just the style, but it is important for the health of the body.

5. Record all important addresses, among other things: police services, embassies, hospitals, and friend/relationship close to the destination.

6. Adhere to safety rules in general, especially for women, among others:

a. The dress is polite not too flashy.

b. Do not go home alone late at night.

c. Keep valuables such as money, ATM, and passport / ID card in a safe place of pickpockets or robbers.

d. Do not hesitate to refuse or say “NO” to anything that made it uncomfortable.

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