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Look at the Snow Peak Cartenz


Top of Carstensz in the Jayawijaya Mountains with an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level is the highest mountain in Indonesia. Looking at the snow-capped peak of the mountain is an eternal lifetime experience that should not be missed.

Look at the Snow Peak Cartenz

Tour and Travel team flew to see snow at the summit of Carstensz on Saturday (09/03/2013) then. Shivering cold morning weather and sunny greeted us at the helipad at 08.00 CET Mile Post 66, Tembagapura.

To fly to the top of Carstensz we will use a small helicopter from Airfast. We had to wait a while, turn up helicopters with employees of PT Freeport Indonesia and Papua locals who also took the helicopter ride to their stated objectives.

That’s okay, as long as waiting for the helicopter, we were treated to a row of towering mountains Jayawijaya devastating. After about 30 minutes of waiting, our yellow helicopter coming from a distance. Officers helipad foundation asked us alert. Under breeze helicopter blades, we walked ducked and climbed into the helicopter.

We flew on the air! Wear headphones so that the ear is not noisy. Capt. Joko Prasetyo fairly senior in Airfast become a helicopter pilot.

The first objective was passed over Mulu Airport. It is a pioneer in the area of the airport that is difficult to reach very remote. The airport is spectacular, located right on top of a very steep hill. Airport with a runway of this land could only accommodate small Twin Otter aircraft only.

From there we flew higher up the Grasberg Mine. From the air, the giant mining crater reaches 4 km in diameter is clearly visible.

Our helicopter was shocked when she passed the towering mountain pass. We were to the summit of Carstensz. Under Carstensz, I see Larson Lake and Blue Lake area hiking the trail to the summit of Carstensz.

Finally …

Our helicopter flew over the Carstensz. More precisely near the top. Capt. Joko warns existing cloud formation above Carstensz, so we could not fly closer.

The eternal snow, endless white on the mountain above the rocky Carstensz. The surface looks smooth, almost no one ever touched it. He wanted to touch the white snow looming in sight. Carstensz is manly, it’s no wonder the climbers the world respect him as one of the Seven Summits, the highest peak of the world 7.

4,884 masl altitude does not mess around. Global warming makes the eternal snow at the summit of Carstensz shrinking area. But the snow was still there, waiting for the most daring climbers to come touch.

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