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Galapagos Islands Tours and Wildlife


The Galapagos Islands hold a unique position in history, but most people never get the chance to visit them. The trip can be costly as they are located out in the Pacific and the government has set restrictions on travelers to protect the environment. However, for those lucky few who can make the trip, it really is worth it.

Galapagos Islands Tours and Wildlife

Darwin’s trip on the Beagle is really what put the Galapagos in the history books for good. His time here helped him come up with the core of his ideas about evolution. Many visitors go for history, but the animals and plants themselves are unique and are an attraction in their own right.

Too many endemic species exist to mention them all, but the Penguins have to be among them. Considered endangered, these penguins live farther north than any other penguins in the world. The waved albatross and pelicans live off the marine life and can be seen hunting for food on the coasts.

Of all the animals Darwin studied, the finch has become the most emblematic. They still populate the region. But, other animals are just as interesting. The blue-footed booby is endangered and has sky blue feet. Visitors who time it right can see the hatching of giant tortoises, where the name Galapagos comes from.

Timing is an important consideration when you are planning as the animals do different things in different seasons. Also, there are 18 main islands, each with its own mix of species and microclimates. For most people, visiting all of these sites would be financially impossible, so it is important to narrow things down.

The remote nature of the Galapagos Islands has helped keep these species around, even though many are endangered. This also means that many people only read about the place and never visit. Either way, knowing more about this one-of-a-kind destination will open your eyes to just how much diversity we have around us.

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