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Want to Save? Just Stay in the Hostel


Cost of traveling abroad can be reduced to save on accommodation matters. Moreover, if the time traveling, you just need a place to just spend the night.

Want to Save? Just Stay in the Hostel

There are several types of hostels. There is a dorm type room or dorm with models such as multi-story bed and you have to share a room with other hostel guests. This type is selected by the backpackers. Some are providing private rooms, not mixed with other guests.

There are many advantages when staying at the hostel beside the price is cheap. Indeed, not everyone is accustomed to staying in hostels. But consider the following as the reason you choose hostels.

Strategic location.

Generally, the central city or at least close to the terminal or station.

Rarely hostels are located in remote areas. Typically favorite hostels in the area are easily accessible by public transport.
So easy to find and travel from hostel to tourist spots so it was much easier.

Complete facilities.

Make no mistake, many hostels that provide complete facilities like a five-star hotel. Call it like free internet access, a library room complete with books, small shop, television room, even the kitchen.

A fully equipped kitchen.

Some ordinary hostel provides a kitchen that can be used by guests for free. Even the kitchen is not only equipped with a stove but also cooking utensils.

Sometimes, travelers need to save money by cooking their own food. Hostel kitchen can be used to save a budget meal.

Sure, the kitchen facilities like this would not you get in hotels.

Unique building.

Most of the hostel occupies an unusual building. Rarely is there a hostel building to be built since the beginning of the hostel.

Usually, hostel occupies a shophouse used as hostels or old house. There is even a tree house and a castle was used as hostels. Some hostels also designed with a unique and colorful.

Not rigid.

His name is also a hostel, the atmosphere was very comfortable and homely. Far from being stiff and formal. There are no rules, for example must wear shoes at breakfast like a five-star business hotel.

Complete tourist information.

Hostels are usually equipped with a piece of complete tourist information. Such as tourist resorts closest hostels to make way to the venue.

Also some hostels complete with a map of the local city information to public transportation routes and schedules.
Officers hostel also usually have complete knowledge of the area around the hostel.

Starting from a variety of tourist activities that can be done, where to eat, and how to easily reach these places. However, officers hostel residents who generally are already very familiar with the ins and outs of the city.

Add friends.

Gathering place for backpacker hostels around the world. In while staying at the hostel, try to meet and chat with other hostel guests. You will make new friends and new experiences.

The backpacker was not reluctant to share knowledge about travel to various countries. Some hostels even deliberately held a joint event to familiarize the guests.

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